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comings up

Yes indeedy-do, it's time for some more gossip.
Well, next weekend is the Le Tigre show. I think it's what's going to get me through this next week of loneliness in Richmond (along with actually going to class, YAY). I'm really looking forward to seeing them again, and also to hanging out with Carrie, Anna, Aaron, and Jeff. Car rides to concerts are way fun. Also, Ms. Joan Jett is reportedly playing the State Fair. I don't love the crowds of freaks at the State Fair, typically, but I love Joan Jett, and how cool would it be to see two feminist legends in one weekend?

A few weeks after that (September 20th), Ms. Anna Conner will be entertaining the masses at an Underground Unplugged performance. I encourage any and all to try to make it out for that because rumor has it, there could be some drama. Ok, probably not a lot of drama, but for a community called gossip, they'll be a murmur, I'm sure.

What else? Not much in Richmond, yet, but I'm working on going out and finding something to keep me busy. I'm regretful that I couldn't see Taking Back Sunday with Noelle and Barrett in Richmond, but it's just not the right time for spending a weekend by myself. I wonder if there's a video arcade somewhere around there, that would be tightness.
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